The Skrayling Tree
The Skrayling Tree

The Skrayling Tree

The Albino in America

Nine by Nine and Three by Three In search of her kidnapped husband, Oona von Bek and the mammoth-riding shaman White Crow must cross Hiawatha's lands of legend to a fabled golden city... We all Seek Looking for the creators of the black sword Stormbringer, Elric of Melnibone journeys to Vinland, where he encounters fierce pygmies in need of an ally... The Skrayling Tree Faced with the task of saving all existence, Count Ulric von Bek must protect a golden city from demons and berserkers. Now three heroes must follow their own fateful paths through space and time-only to meet in a moment of terrible tragedy that may destroy them...and the Multiverse itself.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446613408

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