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Death of a Dustman
Death of a Dustman

Death of a Dustman

A Hamish MacBeth Mystery (A Hamish Macbeth Mystery #16)

They are still called dustmen in Britain. Not garbage collectors or sanitation engineers, but dustmen. Lochdubh's (pronounced Lochdoo) dustman, Fergus Wilson, lives in a small, run-down cottage with his wife, Martha, and four children. He's a sour little man given to domestic violence and drinking, and getting by with a one-day work week. No one pays him much attention until Mrs. Freda Fleming, a bullying environmentalist, is elected to Strathbane Council. A politically ambitious woman, Mrs. Fleming decides to make an example out of Lochdubh. She will set up an elaborate recycling center in the village--and its success will bring national attention, including widespread television coverage. She enlists Wilson as her ally (at double his usual salary), gives him a new uniform, a new truck, and sets the plan into action. Power corrupts, and Fergus Wilson becomes a bullying tyrant, issuing fines and enforcing petty rules. When he's found dead, stuffed in a recycling bin, no one is sorry, includinghis long-suffering family . . . and the victims of his blackmailing rackets. While Hamish Macbeth is investigating the murder, he is also coping

Genre: Fiction

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