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Death of a Dentist
Death of a Dentist

Death of a Dentist

(A Hamish Macbeth Mystery #13)

The small Highlands village of Lochdubh did not boast a dentist and anyone with a toothache had to travel to Mr. Frederick Gilchrist's dental surgery in the town of Braikie, some 20 miles away. Gilchrist was inexpensive and the average highlander still preferred to save money and have the offending tooth pulled rather than saved. Hamish Macbeth sided with the more modern, painless procedures practiced by dentists in Inverness. But one day, he awoke with a blinding toothache and decided to try Gilchrist. When he got there, he found the dentist lying dead on the floor of his surgery. He discovered that Gilchrist, a nonsmoker, had died of nicotine poisoning, a clear case of murder. He wasn't surprised to find that there were suspects galore. The dentist had many unhappy patients, a number of women he had harrassed, an impatient landlord, and a bitter and angry wife. Once again, Hamish must solve a murder before he can extract himself from a muddle he's stumbled into by accident.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446960441

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