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Just Plain Folks

Sometimes black history doesn't march, Sometimes black history doesn't shout, Sometimes black history just comes wearily down a dirt road, dragging a cotton sack and wearing a headrag . . . So proclaims Lorraine Johnson-Coleman in this heartwarming collection of stories and essays. Returning to the cotton fields, tobacco barns, and humble dwellings of her ancestral home in the rural South, Johnson-Coleman learned firsthand what is missing from African American history texts: the experience of ordinary people who have led extraordinary lives. The stories she brings together in Just Plain Folks --stories of the sort that have made her a standout among the regular contributors to National Public Radio's Morning Edition--reveal folk culture as a continuum, a vital link to the past that can illuminate the experience of African Americans today.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759591882

Little, Brown and Company