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Monster High

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Monster High

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$24.98 US | $27.98 CAN
Available Sept. 1, 2010

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  • Genre: Juvenile Fiction
  • Age Range: 12 & up
  • Grade Level: 7-17
  • Pages: 0
  • Dimensions:
  • ISBN-13: 9781607886358

  About The Book

The frighteningly hip teenage children of the world's most famous monsters have gathered together under one roof...to brave the horrors of high school!

Frankie is excited to start high school--there will be cute boys, cheerleading and rockin' parties. Trouble is, she's still getting used to life in general. Frankie Stein was created just 15 days ago and not all of her body parts are securely attached! But to attend high school, she has to hide her fabulousness in plain sight to blend in.

Fellow new student Melody Carver is a "normi," but she soon realizes that not all of the student body is...well, human. When they start crushing on boys outside their groups, can Melody and Frankie find a way to make monsters mainstream?


Harrison, Lisi (1074092)

Lisi Harrison is the author of The Clique, Alphas and Monster High series. She was the Senior Director of Production Development at MTV and Head Writer for MTV Production. Lisi is currently pretending to write her next novel.

Lisi lives in Laguna Beach, California.

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