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Like Sheep Gone Astray
Like Sheep Gone Astray

Like Sheep Gone Astray

Anthony Murdock has a lot on his mind. He is a minister in training at Second Baptist Church of Shepherd Hills and a rising account executive at Shaw Enterprises. As a Christian man, Anthony finds himself caught up in deceit when he makes a decision - despite the gnawing feeling inside that warns him against it - to compromise his morals for a lot of fast cash. His wife, Terri, a snotty successful interior designer, is becoming increasingly nervous that she might one day have to live the life of a cash strapped preacher's wife. Regretful of his get rich quick scheme and on the verge of being exposed, Anthony decides to make things right only to find himself compromising again.

Disgusted with himself, he knows he must do more than confess his sin of greed; he must conquer it. Anthony, like Samson in the Bible, risks going down with his enemies to do the right thing, preserve his marriage and regain his reputation.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446555180

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