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A Novel

Los Angeles, a few years from now. Technology has changed the rules of the movie business with old, long-dead stars brought digitally back to life. Billboards cover every available surface of the city, beaming out a constant flood of commercials starring the likes of John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe, and--the great exception, the last "real" movie star--Colt Reston.

But something is going wrong: A group of anti-tech rebels are attacking the billboards, inspired by a mysterious manifesto known as "The Black Book." A burnt out screenwriter addicted to the latest hot drug finds his world wobbling. Colt takes ill with an unexplained disease--perhaps literally dying of overexposure. A guru who might know why has vanished. And then Montgomery Clift suddenly walks off his virtual set and goes AWOL....

A blistering mash-up of William Gibson, The Ring, and Chuck Palahniuk, EXPOSURE is a great step forward for Kurt Wenzel. Convulsive and thrilling, EXPOSURE is a
devastating tour de force by one of the best novelists working today.

Genre: Fiction

On Sale:

ISBN-13: 9780316093972

Format: Hardcover Book

Little, Brown and Company