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Sundome, Vol. 2
Sundome, Vol. 2

Sundome, Vol. 2

(Sundome #2)

Kurumi makes Hideo quit her cold turkey for two weeks! Whatever is poor, horny Hideo to do? Well, for one thing, his club is visited by a masked OB for some hardcore "physical training." Then, there's a UFO-sighting field trip up to a mountain. But Hideo's never quite over his obsession with the precocious transfer student and he thinks he's gotten just a little closer to the object of his affection when he helps her catch a panty-thief. His reward? A trip to the movies... in handcuffs!

Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

On Sale:

ISBN-13: 9780759528536

Format: Trade Paperback

Yen Press