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We Interrupt This Broadcast

Alice Jordan's dentist husband has just run off with his hygienist and she is desperate for a job. Because Alice has done some volunteer work for the symphony, she manages to talk herself into a job as a commissioned ad rep for a Seattle classical music station. The station was kept alive by its wealthy owner for many years, but her heirs are fighting about the future of the station. KLEG is so mismanaged that Aliceís predecessor Joe Costello hadnít even bothered to resign. He just disappeared and no one, including his unhappy wife, found it odd that he just drifted away. Cryptic messages had been left on his answering machine and his few accounts had been neglected. A week into the job, Joeís body is found inside a convertible sofa in a storage area. Alice finds that Joeís death by misadventure is only the beginning of the mystery.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759594081

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