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The Temple and the Stone
The Temple and the Stone

The Temple and the Stone

Scotland, the end of the thirteenth century--and a world at war. As armed conflicts engulf Europe, Africa, and the Holy Land, clans rebel against the tyranny of Edward I of England. Led by mystic visions, Frhre Arnault de Saint Clair and a band of fellow Templars enter the deadly Highland insurrection. Their mission: to save Scotland's sacred Stone of Destiny, that its spirit and power may be reborn in the soul of the Uncrowned King, warrior William Wallace . . .For hideous pagan gods of blood have woken in Albion, corrupting, devouring, destroying--and the fate of the entire Christian world will soon depend on the courage of the Highlander known as Braveheart.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759562837

Format: Electronic Book