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All Things Hidden
All Things Hidden

All Things Hidden

Raising her son alone in a drug-troubled Florida city, Christian homicide detective Jael Reynolds teams up with FBI special agent Grant Lewis to investigate a series of murdered drug dealers and finds herself enmeshed in the world of organized bigotry.

Jael Reynolds is a divorced single mom who's doing her best to raise her son in Dadesville, one of Florida's most violent and drug-infested cities. She's also one of the city's top homicide detectives-a tough, no-nonsense Christian woman who has faced her demons and won, witnessing the mercy of God through prayer and faith. When one drug dealer after another starts turning up dead on her watch, Jael teams up with the only other person who seems to care, FBI Special Agent Grant Lewis. The two soon uncover layer after layer of corruption, organised bigotry, and hate that justifies murder in the name of God. Gripped in the clutches of an evil she has never encountered before, Jael's sense of right and wrong, and indeed her very faith, are put to their ultimate test.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446507035

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