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Straight Talk on Fear
Straight Talk on Fear

Straight Talk on Fear

Overcoming Emotional Battles with the Power of God's Word!

You Can Live Your Life Free from All Fear!
Many people live their entire lives crippled and bound by fear. Whether it is the fear of dying or the fear of a bad haircut, it makes life miserable! Fear cannot be wished away . . . it must be confronted and dealt with through the Word of God. We have to show fear that it is not going to rule us!
In this powerful book, bestselling author Joyce Meyer offers answers from the Scriptures and from her own experience revealing the way out of this particular bondage. You will learn how to face fear head-on with the Word of God and use the "keys of the kingdom" to keep it out of your life. Joyce also explains these life-changing truths: perfect love casts out fear, and prayer plays an important role in combating it.
Don┬┐t let intimidation and fear rule your life one more day! Break the back of fear and be set free today!

Genre: Religion

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ISBN-13: 9780446691529