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The Daughters Break the Rules

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The Daughters Break the Rules

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$10.00 US | $12.00 CAN
Available April 5, 2011

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  • Genre:
  • Age Range: 12 & up
  • Grade Level: 7-17
  • Pages: 304
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • ISBN-13: 9780316049054

  About The Book

They didn't ask for fame. They were born with it.

In the first Daughters novel, Lizzie confronted her issues with beauty and self-image and took the modeling world by storm. Now readers will shift to Carina's perspective. . .

As the sole heir to Metronome Media, spunky Carina Jurgensen has a complicated relationship with money. While she loves hitching a ride to an Outward Bound trip on her father's private jet, she also cringes at the way people kiss-up to her dad and treat her differently from other kids.

Carina infuriates her father by leaking a story to the press and gets cut-off from his unlimited financial resources. Always resourceful, she fibs her way into a job as a party planner for New York's annual Silver Snowflake Ball. But when Carina finds out that the party committee expects favors and freebies from her dad's A-list connections, a choice must be made: Does she get real about her downgraded status, or pretend she's still the ultimate heiress?



Praise for The Daughters:
" A thoroughly enjoyable debut. . . Who knew? Stars' daughters-they're just like us."

". . .  Joanna can totally relate to her characters cause her own life was total inspiration for the book! In The Daughters, you'll read about best friends Lizzie, Carina and Hudson as they navigate normal high school life (drama and all!), along with the glitz and glamour of red carpet events."


Philbin, Joanna (1526133)

Joanna Philbin was born in Los Angeles and raised in New York City. She holds a BA from Brown University and a JD and an MFA from the University of Notre Dame. She is the author of Rules of Summer and the Daughters series, and lives and writes in Los Angeles.

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