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The Last Victim
The Last Victim

The Last Victim

A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer

DEAR MR. MANSON . . . It started with a college course assignment, then escalated into a dangerous obsession. Eighteen-year-old honor student Jason Moss wrote to men whose body counts had made criminal history: men named Dahmer, Manson, Ramirez, and Gacy. DEAR MR. DAHMER . . . Posing as their ideal victim, Jason seduced them with his words. One by one they wrote him back, showering him with their madness and violent fantasies. Then the game spun out of control. John Wayne Gacy revealed all to Jason--and invited his pen pal to visit him in prison . . . DEAR MR. GACY . . . It was an offer Jason couldn't turn down. Even if it made him . . . THE LAST VICTIM The book that has riveted the attention of the national media, this may be the most revealing look at serial killers ever recorded and the most illuminating study of the dark places of the human mind ever attempted.

Genre: True Crime

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ISBN-13: 9780446960717

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