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There's More to Life than Making a Living
There's More to Life than Making a Living

There's More to Life than Making a Living

Mastering Six Key Essentials on the Way to a Life of Significance

A significant life has positive meaning and value beyond individual success. It means contributing to the lives of others and showing compassion. In this book, Jack McDowell shares the six keys to a life of significance: Find your calling, learn from your experiences, acquire habits that build character, discover the joy of generosity, build relationships for life, and don't retire. Each chapter contains specific actions that will help readers master the six essentials. These steps are the harvest of Jack's own experiences and they are, he says, "the gifts of a providential God to this seeker after a life with deeper and more lasting meaning."
Giving is man's God-ordained purpose. This book will provide encouragement and resources for the journey to a more significant life. It is a personal invitation to discover that there is far more to life than just making a living.

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