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A Man Betrayed

Prince Kylock, heir apparent to the ruling throne of the Four Kingdoms, murders King Lesketh. With this foul act, 'A Man Betrayed' brings the reader further into the turbulent world of the Four Kingdoms. Picking up where' The Baker's Boy' left off, the betrothment party from the Four Kingdoms is well on the road to meet Kylock's bride-to-be, Catherine, daughter of the Duke of Bren. This is purely a political move meant to solidify The Four Kingdoms' power in the Known Lands. Meanwhile, Jack and Melli, long since escaped from the Four Kingdoms, are separated. Jack falls into the company of a smuggler and black marketeer while Melli is now the pride of a slave trader on his way to Bren. Nabber has followed Tawl westward to Bren only to find Tawl fighting for his living as a pit fighter. Kylock resumes hostilities with the Halcus in what grows to be a full-scale war. As the wedding comes closer to reality, loyalties change hands, marriages are announced, Kylock asserts his Machiavellian power . .. and Jack comes closer to understanding his powers and his origins.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759590953