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Security Breach
Security Breach

Security Breach

"High-stakes, high-octane kind of book."
-Lee Child

When you move, they watch. When you speak, they listen. They track you by what you touch and how you walk.

Welcome to the not-so-distant future, where terrorism is so feared that near-total surveillance is a way of life. In Washington, a young American agent, Kat Polinski, is on a routine assignment: break into the embassy of the energy-rich government of Kazakhstan. What she finds is a massacre. But the worst is yet to come: the murder of her sister - and the discovery of a plot as dangerous as anything coming out of the Middle East.
From the first explosive chapter, you're hooked. Nothing and no-one will stop Kat from hunting down her sister's killer. But the closer she gets the more she peels away layers of her own society where fear is used to control and governments act above the law.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446618113

Grand Central Publishing