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Vengeance of Dragons

The Secret Texts trilogy is the story of the deadly fight of smaller and weaker opponents against the enormous forces that wield evil magic in the world of Matrin. Over the course of the three-book series, a magical war threatening the people of an entire world will challenge the ingenuity of our heroes. In VENGEANCE OF DRAGONS, Kait and her allies have found the mysterious Mirror of Souls and are growing uneasy about its use and true purpose. While they are sailing for home on Ry's ship, Ry's three evil cousins are cementing their alliance with the wizard souls trapped in the Mirror of Souls. In exchange for stealing the mirror from Kait to help the wizards gain their freedom, the three cousins have been assured of their own immortality and power. Meanwhile, much-abused cousin Danya has allied with an evil wizard, promising him new life in the body of her unborn child. Their goal: to amass a terrible military force and take control of the world.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759560130