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The Invisible Touch
The Invisible Touch

The Invisible Touch

The Four Keys to Modern Marketing

Service businesses sell something that cannot be seen or heard. They offer an experience--and to make that experience truly exceptional they must first understand people and how to satisfy them. In this Biz Book to Go for busy readers on the move, Harry Beckwith provides a treasury of quick, practical, and entertaining strategies. Applying the study of human nature to the real world of business, 'The Invisible Touch' will open your eyes to this crucial branch of marketing with four key concepts: *Price: Its seductive power--from Uma Thurman's Five-Dollar Milk Shake to the Mansion at Turtle Creek *Brand: The triumph of Red Pepper, Opium, Yahoo!, and the inscrutable A-AI AC Delco Jani Express Cleaning Service 500 *Packaging: Looking at the pretty mousetraps of Disneyland, the ugly Butterfly Effect, and a tale of oranges and heels *Relationships: A consideration of Jim Marinelli's magic one word, Laura Nyro's folly, the madness of Tom Peters, and further ripples of the Lake Wobegon Effect Based on the author's extensive business experience, this book delivers its wisdom with unforgettable and often surprising examples--from the regrowth

Genre: Business & Economics

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