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Diva without a Cause

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Diva without a Cause

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$18.99 US | None CAN
Available May 1, 2009

Paperback Ebook
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Age Range: 15 & up
  • Grade Level: 10-17
  • Pages: 240
  • Dimensions: 5-5/16" x 8"
  • ISBN-13: 9780316034821

  About The Book

Chav: (n.): 1. A word that makes most Brits think of hoodies, hip hop, bling, and trouble. (It ain't a good fing, bruv.)

16-year-old Shiraz Bailey Wood's days are filled with hoodies, hip hop, and hanging around outside Claire's Accessories. Her parents work crap jobs and her school is pretty much chav central. This loveable Essex dreamer with a brain and a heart of gold is beginning to feel there might be a lot more to life than minimum wage and the bling of a souped-up Vauxhall Nova.

A lot of snooty folk call Shiraz a chav. Well if by "chav" you mean "charming, hilarious, articulate, and vibrant," Shizza doesn't mind that at all. Call her what you want. She don't care. She's keeping it real.

Told in diary entries over the course of a year attending the unfortunately named "SuperChav Academy", (where she'll do anything to prove she's not a chav), Shiraz's insanely funny voice and spirited narrative show there is always a way to rise above any obstacle.


Excusing the pun; bringing the human out of the hoodie, Grace Dent skillfully keeps it real. Diary of a Chav: Trainers V Tiaras has the potential outlook of an important social document, honestly commenting on the highs and lows of the working class culture. Drugs, sex, and crime go hand in hand with personal discovery and serious family issues. Diary of a Chav: Trainers V Tiaras is so witty, insightful, and delivered with such an impressive pace that this new sereis yields the kind of fanatical reading of a contemporary classic. —Waterstones Bookseller

"Hilarious and unflinching." —Kirkus Reviews


Grace Dent's Diary of a Chav is a bestseller in the UK. Technically she's still grounded for dying her mother's best saucepan purple with Dylon, while customizing denim hot pants in 1990 but also works as a journalist for The Guardian as well Radio Times for whom she recently wrote a phenomenally popular Big Brother blog.

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