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Lessons from the Heart of American Business
Lessons from the Heart of American Business

Lessons from the Heart of American Business

A Roadmap for Managers in the 21st Century

Integrity. Honesty. Hard work. Loyalty. . . . These are not the buzzwords of business management today. But these qualities mark the career of one of America's most successful corporate leaders, Gerald Greenwald. In 1957 Jerry Greenwald began his career at the Ford Motor Company--right on the eve of the Edsel fiasco. In the next forty years he rose to the top during some of the most exciting, turbulent times in corporate history, from the near collapse of Chrysler to the employee buyout of United Airlines. All the while Greenwald did business the way he felt in his heart: as a straight shooter, and by listening and learning every step of the way. In this book, he shares his wealth of expertise as he looks back at his career, and looks ahead to the greatest challenges facing tomorrow's corporate managers. Unabashedly old fashioned, shaped by the Great Depression and his Midwestern childhood, Greenwald made a career out of empowering others to work toward a common goal. Here he tells aspiring managers how they can achieve consensus, build partnerships, react to crisis, and steer a corporate ship through both smooth seas and storms. And

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