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$9.99 US | $11.50 CAN
Available Oct. 5, 2010

Paperback Ebook
  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Age Range: 12 & up
  • Grade Level: 7-17
  • Pages: 240
  • Dimensions: 5-1/2" x 8-1/4"
  • ISBN-13: 9780316102148

  About The Book

Finbar Frame's been jilted by the gene pool; his twin brother Luke got the good looks, athletic ability, and natural tan. Finbar is awkward and allergic to the sun; he's the type of nice, sensitive guy that high school girls never appreciate. But, when he notices that all the female students at his high school are obsessed with a bestselling vampire book called Bloodthirsty, Finbar decides to exploit his lack of pigmentation and become a vampire. Or, at least fake it...to get a date!

Readers will laugh and cheer for Finbar Frame as he discovers that his bizarrely pale skin and subdued manner are currently appealing to girls--they think he's Edward Cullen's long lost cousin. Bloodthirsty is both a wildly funny send-up of today's pop-culture infatuations and a pitch-perfect portrait of a lovably neurotic teenage guy.


Meaney, Flynn (1542747)

Flynn Meaney is an alumna of the University of Notre Dame and a current poetry student in the Hunter College M.F.A. in Creative Writing program. Flynn survived a real-life boy recession at her high school in Westchester County, NY, and lives to tell the tale.

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