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With Song
With Song

With Song

Dorothy Garlock continues to explore the tempestuous decades between the two world wars, a time of both roiling dust storms and gangsters' gunfire, with a moving, suspenseful portrayal of tragedy and love in a small town.

Seward County, Kansas, 1935. On a day when she was cheerfully singing a popular tune, Molly McKenzie barely noticed the dark sedan that pulled up in front of her family's store. Minutes later, a hail of bullets rained down on her parents and shattered her world. Hod Dolan, the federal agent determined to see justice done, knows Molly can identify the gunmen, and soon proposes a trap using Molly as bait. Never realizing how she and Hod will be caught in their own web, Molly agrees. Now, with the killers poised to strike again and desperate to keep Molly safe, Hod must learn to risk his heart. And Molly must dare to love again . . . if together they are to survive the danger yet to come.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759563049

Grand Central Publishing