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Love and Cherish

She was only seventeen years old . . . and terribly alone. Running deep into the Kentucky wilderness from the low-down family that dared to sell her, Cherish Riley knew that her enemies were relentlessly tracking her, and that she risked all the dangers an untamed land had to offer. She never dreamed that a tall, lean, buckskin-clad man with a large brown dog would offer his protection--and that within hours he would propose marriage! Sloan Carroll had no doubt that Cherish would make the prettiest little wife in the territory, but he was even more sure that she could give his motherless child the warmth and love she so desperately needed. He couldn't understand the hurt look on Cherish's face when he made his offer. And he still had to learn that to win a woman's heart, he had to lose his own.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759562677

Grand Central Publishing