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Lonesome River
Lonesome River

Lonesome River

(Wabash Series #1)

Her cornsilk hair loose in the wind, Liberty drove her Conestoga wagon as if the devil were after her. She had run away from New York when her pa demanded she marry Stith Lenning, a domineering coward who would use her body and break her spirit. Liberty's response was NEVER . . . never, as long as a land waited in the West where a river ran fast and a woman was free to follow her dreams. But rampaging Indians along the Wabash's deep waters and Stith's relentless pursuit were more than even a feisty beauty could handle. Then, guns blazing, frontiersman Farr Quill rode into her life. With the same steely strength that had tamed the wilderness, he offered Liberty his protection . . . all he demanded in return was her total surrender.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759562806

Grand Central Publishing