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Dream River

Amy . . . I'll be back. For eight years Amy Deverall clung to the words Rain Tallman had whispered as he kissed her and rode away. Smart as a whip and as eager for life as a young colt, Amy grew up along the mighty Wabash River, waiting for the handsome Shawnee-raised boy who had gone off to explore the wilderness beyond the horizon. Now, the broad-shouldered, gun-toting trapper galloping toward her was a new Rain Tallman. His slow, sweet kisses taught her passion and she longed to ride beside him down the dangerous trails he traveled. But where was the boy she had known? Had he really grown to be a steel-hard, silent loner who would take her heart--and never say "I love you"?

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759562790

Grand Central Publishing