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The Hook

In the history of literary collaborations, there has never been one as fiendishly fascinating--and exquisitely explosive--as the one that Donald E. Westlake has cooked up in his new novel. The tale of two men who live in a world of fiction, words, scenes, characters, and the tyranny of the New York Times bestseller list, The Hook brilliantly unveils a literary deception fueled by envy, fury, guilt, anger, and admiration. When Wayne Prentice sells his soul to his old friend, he begins a Hitchcockian journey to all the things he has ever wanted--at a price far too great to pay. . . .Once again, Donald E. Westlake proves that on the landscape of American letters he is a unique force of his own. From his hilarious Dortmunder comic capers to his novels written under the name of Richard Stark and his psychologically galvanizing The Ax, Westlake has delivered one agonizing twist and turn after another. In The Hook he is at his best. And for the reader, there is no getting away.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759592674

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