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Free Agent Nation
Free Agent Nation

Free Agent Nation

How Americans New Independent Workers Are Transforming the Way We Live

The Organization Man is history. Taking his place is America's new economic icon: the "free agent"--the job-hopping, tech-savvy, fulfillment-seeking, self-reliant, independent worker. Already 30 million strong, these new "dis-organization" men and women are transforming America in ways both profound and exhilarating. Are you ready for . . . 7 The Peter-Out Principle: Successor to the famous "Peter Principle," this new rule decrees that when the fun peters out, the talented walk out. 7 Unschooling: Individual-centered learning like homeschooling and apprenticeships will threaten Ivy League colleges and end high school as we know it. 7 Individual Public Offerings: The upper echelon of free agents will issue these new "IPOs," or stock . . . in themselves.7 E-tirement: When Americans reach age sixty-five, more will enter a new stage of life. Working as full-time, part-time, and anytime free agents, they'll be finding and executing work over the Internet.7 Just-in-time Politics: This political version of just-in-time manufacturing will challenge the present two-party system.7 The Feminine Century: Women are free agency's early adopters. Ma

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