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Crazy for Cornelia

Once upon a time, a beautiful debutante found her Prince Charming as he held open the door to her Fifth Avenue co-op--so says the legend passed through generations of New York's top doormen. Kevin Doyle, an artist-turned-doorman biding his time under the awning of just such a building, didn't believe the fairy tale . . . until Cornelia Lord stepped into his life. Headstrong, effervescent, and desperately lonely, Cornelia lives the life of American royalty. She resides in a high-rise; she attends debutante balls; and her father is the last in a long tradition of "old money." But none of the wealth at her feet can fill the emptiness that has existed since her mother's tragic death. Desiring real purpose in her life, she spends her time skirting her blueblood lineage and dodging the paparazzi who record her bizarre antics about town. Equally determined to make his own place in the world is Kevin, whose true calling is glass sculpture and who is as enchanted by Cornelia's eccentricities as he is by her remarkable spirit. Ultimately, debutante and doorman, misunderstood and a little flaky to the world at large, see in each other the soulmate they've been looking for, but to achieve togetherness they must first thwart a Machiavellian grab at the Lord fortune.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780446960144

Grand Central Publishing