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Free Love

It's 1920, and excitement fills the winding streets of Greenwich Village, where artists, actors, and writers gather and romance isn't played by any rules. Here, amid the hot jazz and cool gin, a free-spirited young poet named Olivia Brown finds her perfect milieu . . . and deadly danger. When Olivia inherits a brownstone on Bedford Street, she revels in the freedom to do whatever she likes, dress as she pleases, and love where she will . . . until the night she literally trips over a body. Looking at the corpse's face, the dashing beauty gets an even greater shock--it looks just like her! Now terror stalks the budding sleuth. For if she doesn't manage to smoke out the killer, and fast, everyone will be lamenting the fate of the poet Olivia Brown--the one with so much promise, the one who died so young. . . .

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Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759590724

Format: Electronic Book

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