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Lost Girls

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Lost Girls

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$9.99 US | $12.99 CAN
Available July 10, 2012

  • Genre: Young Adult Fiction
  • Age Range: 12 & up
  • Grade Level: 7-17
  • Pages: 336
  • Dimensions:
  • ISBN-13: 9780316201780

  About The Book

No parents. No rules. No way home.

Fourteen-year-old Bonnie MacDonald couldn't be more excited for a three-day camping trip with her friends, the daughters of the men and women stationed in Thailand during the Vietnam War. The only adult watching over them will be Layla Campbell, their chaperone, but she's so cool and so beautiful, she hardly counts. When a strong current sweeps the girls past their appointed campsite, depositing them instead on what the boatman calls the "forbidden island," they're just happy to reach dry land. It's a wonderful day; they're on a wonderful island -- the wrong island -- but who cares?

Overnight, things take a turn for the worse. A storm comes, their campsite is destroyed, and the smallest of the junior cadets is found dead after being blown away by a vicious wind. Three tortuous days pass, but the boatman doesn't return and what once seemed like a vacation in paradise becomes a battle against the elements.

Peppered with short, frantic entries from Bonnie's journal, Lost Girls is a mesmerizing and, at times, horrifying adventure story of a group of teen girls struggling to survive.


Praise for Lost Girls:

"Kelley's writing brings to life the slow, mounting terror of being stranded on an island. You can taste the coconuts as clearly as you can smell the stench of death in the air. Lost Girls is impossible to put down!"
—Galaxy Craze, author of The Last Princess

"A thrilling story of girls fighting the wild -- and the wildness within. I loved this dangerous tale and its brilliant, prickly heroine." —Karen Healey, author of Guardian of the Dead and The Shattering


Kelley, Ann (1539027)

Ann Kelley is a novelist, poet, and photographer living on the edge of a cliff in Cornwall with her husband and two cats. After surviving several winter disasters, including being struck by lightning, they now move into town during the worst of the weather. Ann is the author of several books, including the novels The Burying Beetle, Inchworm, and Costa Children's Book Award winner The Bower Bird. Ann's website is www.annkelley.co.uk.

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