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Looking at Ansel Adams
Looking at Ansel Adams

Looking at Ansel Adams

The Photographs and the Man

LOOKING AT ANSEL ADAMS is a personal and penetrating study that explores Ansel's life as an artist by looking closely at the stories behind 20 of his most significant images. Immediately recognizable photographs like Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, and Mount McKinley and Wonder Lake are turned on their axes and seen from a new angle, along with ancillary photographs, alternative versions, and letters and postcards that relate to these beloved icons. Less familiar but equally important photographs provide unexpected insight into Ansel's creative and personal life.

This new iBook is optimized for the iPad's retina display and provides arguably the best possible representation of Ansel Adams's photographs outside of viewing original prints. This digital edition also includes a Gallery feature that allows you to view the book's 20 key images as though strolling through an exhibition, while secondary photographs, letters, postcards, and other visuals included within the text can be enlarged by tapping.

For anyone with a love of the American wilderness and an interest in the life and work of the country's most revered landscape photographer and environmental advocate, LOOKING AT ANSEL ADAMS is an essential and deeply satisfying book.

Genre: Biography & Autobiography, Photography

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