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Ciara's Song
Ciara's Song

Ciara's Song

A Chronicle of Witch World

The wonders and adventures of Andre Norton's Witch World saga have thrilled millions. Now comes a new chronicle about the hidden realms of the Witch World. Ciara of Elmsgarth is only a small girl when the edict is issued by the Duke of Kars: KILL ALL WITH WITCH BLOOD, AND TAKE ALL THEY OWN. A greedy mob murders her family, but Ciara is protected by the powerful Lord Tarnoor and his son, Trovagh. Safe in the isolated, siege-proof citadel of Aiskeep, Ciara and Trovagh grow, marry, and raise children. Then the folly that grips Karsten worsens. Bigotry and corruption lead to crime, civil strife, war, and poverty--and the rise of an evil sorcerer, a black mage on a vendetta to destroy all Ciara has, and everyone she holds dear.

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759561793