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A Triumph of Souls

Bound by honor, Ehomba has traveled through many exotic and perilous lands on a quest to save a beautiful princess he has never met from imprisonment at the hands of the evil Hymneth the Possessed. Through all their travels, Ehomba has ignored all the warnings he's heard from seers and psychics he's encountered along the way. He's ignored the strenuous warnings that his quest would end in disaster and he would meet his death if he tried to fulfill his promise. Now that Ehomba and his traveling party have finally reached the goal of their epic journey, the kingdom ruled by Hymneth where the princess is rumored to be held, will they be able to defend themselves against Hymneth's powerful and evil magic? Will they be able to collect the princess and bring her safely home with their lives intact?

Genre: Fiction

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ISBN-13: 9780759591714