Jack Frost
  • Jack Frost, Vol. 1

    Jack Frost, Vol. 1

    By JinHo Ko

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 2

    Jack Frost, Vol. 2

    By JinHo Ko

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 3

    Jack Frost, Vol. 3

    By JinHo Ko

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 4

    Jack Frost, Vol. 4

    By JinHo Ko

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 5

    Jack Frost, Vol. 5

    By JinHo Ko

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 6

    Jack Frost, Vol. 6

    By JinHo Ko

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 7

    Jack Frost, Vol. 7

    By JinHo Ko

    Her father killed before her eyes, Noh-A flies into a rage, unleashing her true power as the mirror image. Can her father's words have meant what she suspects? Was Jack Frost responsible for her father's grisly demise in the human world? As Jack squares off against the vengeful mirror image, the truth of Noh-A's father's past and his relationship with the former mirror image is revealed...whether Noh-A is prepared to face it or not!

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 8

    Jack Frost, Vol. 8

    By JinHo Ko

    Jack the Ripper has completed his first task as a spy for the West District: discover the location of the Ancient Rock that contains the knowledge of Magic King Solomon - all the wisdom in the world. But during his time in the North, Ripper has discovered something else that has attracted his employers' attention. Jack the Ripper has never allied himself with any district, but when it comes to protecting the young mirror image, has he found someone he's willing to fight for?

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 9

    Jack Frost, Vol. 9

    By JinHo Ko

    Cornered among the slabs of the Ancient Rock, Helmina comes face-to-face with Dust, head of the West District. With Jack Frost kept busy elsewhere, fighting the West's vicious pack of warriors, Helmina is forced to test the strength of her powers against the mighty lycanthrope. Alliances will shift and new powers will rise in the battle for dominance and the mirror image!!

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 10

    Jack Frost, Vol. 10

    By JinHo Ko

    Noh-A's awakening as the mirror image has granted her a more complete understanding of the events that led to her birth and what has happened since. The origins of Amityville are revealed to her, as is the threat of Solomon. The immense surge of power that accompanied Noh-A's transformation has aided Solomon's release from his prison, and the Witch King is headed to the North for a long-awaited - and long-dreaded - reunion with Helmina and Jack...!!

  • Jack Frost, Vol. 11

    Jack Frost, Vol. 11

    By JinHo Ko