Fun and Games

Download these fun activities!

Download these fun activities!

Here are some activities you can download and print.


From antlered Antelope to zzz-ing Zebra, these All the Awake Animals are Almost Asleep activity sheets are full of fun!

THE DINOTRUX ARE BACK...AND LOOKING FOR A SNACK! Download this activity packet featuring Chris Gall's latest, Revenge of the Dinotrux.

Look carefully. There may be a gem in your garden. Just in time for spring we have a set of worksheets featuring Holly Hobbie's Gem that are sure to entertain come rain or come shine.

Looking for a way to fill a trip to Grandma's? Look no further! This activity packet will have the miles flying.


Will YOU be Lucy's friend? Download the You Will Be My Friend! activity kit where you'll find: a word search, a matching game, and much more!

For an afternoon full of starry fun, download these Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star activity sheets. A twisty maze and sing-along activity await!

Can you spot the differences? Download this Look-Alikes Seek-and-Search PDF and try to find all 11!

Enjoy these Substitute Creacher activities.

Pencil. Notebook. Backpack. Can you find them all? Try with this word search.
Wind through a maze!
Print and build your own Substitute Creacher mask!
Write your own story!

Everyone's favorite princess is back! Download this coloring sheet and give Gerry a little pizazz!

Get creative with Chamelia! Download these activity sheets and learn to love the most fashionable chameleon of them all.

Maze: Help Chamelia find the perfect dress!
Category fun: Enter Chamelia's closet!
Matching game: Match Chamelia's outfits!
Coloring activity: Dress up Chamelia!

Xoxo! (Emphasis on the x.) Download and send this Valentine's ecard inspired by Pocket Kisses!

For hours of pink-filled fun, download these activity sheets. Approved by Penny, of course!

Word hunt: Can you help Penny find all the words in her word hunt?
Maze: Help Penny find her sunglasses!
Color fun: Penny loves pink. What's your favorite?
Coloring activity: Color in Penny and her monster!


Download and print these DIY pop-ups created by Matthew Reinhart himself!


Download these terrribly cool I Don't Want a Cool Cat activities!

Complete a great kitten hunt!

Work on a matching activity!

Test your kitty memory!

Design your very own cat!

Download these adventurous Smells Like Dog activities!

Go on a word hunt!

Sniff your way out the maze!

Make your own bookmark!

Describe your own treasure!

Yo-Ho-Ho and a bottle of blood! Download brand new ecards at the updated Vampirates website!

Download this sweet Strawberry Hill Mother's Day ecard!

The Mousehunter: The Curse of Mousebeard activities

Continue Emeline's adventures as she strives to catch the elusive Mousebeard and become a famous mousehunter!

Find Mousebeard in the Maze!

Prove your mousehunter skills with Mouse-Matching!

Test your Mouse Memory!

Create your own Mouse!

The EARTH Book poster

Download this cool EARTH Book Poster for tips on saving the planet here!  

Go Away! Big Green Monster activity sheets

Get ready for Halloween with these monstrously good activities!

Chase the monster away through the maze!

Monster Match Up!

Describe your own monster!

Find the scary words in the wordsearch!

What's your monster name?

Take on the Dewey Readmore Challenge!

Become a reading superstar by downloading these activity sheets!

Fanny & Annabelle activity sheets

Download these great activity sheets to get creative like Fanny!

Write your own story!

Design your own bookmark!

Do the wordsearch!

Help Fanny through the maze!

Draw your favorite book!

I Don't Want a Posh Dog! activity sheets

Download our super-cute activity sheets here

Todd Parr activity sheets


Download these awesome pdf activity sheets based on the bestselling books by Todd Parr (now in paperback!) as well as an intervew with Todd Parr himself!

The Feelings Book activity sheet

The Feel Good Book activity sheet

The Peace Book activity sheet

Reading Makes You Feel Good activity sheet

It's Okay to Be Different activity sheet

Interview with Todd Parr

Curious Garden poster download

Download our gorgeous Curious Garden poster here

The Name of this Book is Secret activities

"Cass's Backpack Activity"
"The Bergamo Brother's Magic Card Tricks"
"The Name of this Code Is: SECRET"
"The Mad-Lib World of the Circus"

"Max-Ernest's Book of Unfunny Jokes"

Mysterious Benedict Society Activities

"Luck & Logic" (PDF)
"Crack the (Morse) Code" (PDF)
"Morse Code Matching" (PDF)