Deep inside the broom cupboard of Rose Cottage live two small mice with big courageous hearts...
Adventures Beyond Nutmouse Hall

Tumtum and Nutmeg lead cozy and quiet lives, secretly looking after Arthur and Lucy, the disheveled human children of the cottage, never dreaming that so many exciting adventures will soon find them.

But when evil Aunt Ivy, a squeamish schoolteacher named Miss Short, and pirating pond rats threaten the safety of those they hold dear, the courageous pair will stop at nothing to save the day.

Each deluxe edition features three complete tales!

The Rose Cottage Tales

In Tumtum & Nutmeg, two witty, heroic mice charmed readers and rescued friends in peril, all while keeping an eye on Arthur and Lucy Mildew.

Now, in three delightful new adventures, the pair must work even harder to keep away trouble. They’ll have to outwit a wicked mouse named Purple Claw, face a crazed circus ringmaster, and even save Christmas!

Each deluxe edition features three complete tales!

About the Author
Emily Bearn has worked as a staff writer for Harpers & Queen magazine, the Times, and the Sunday Telegraph. She lives with her daughter in London, England, where they share their home with two very helpful house mice.

Tumtum & Nutmeg are now blogging!