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Groundbreaking book by the Nobel Prize Winner who discovered telomeres, telomerase, and their role in the aging process, and the psychologist who researched specific lifestyle habits to protect them and slow down disease and lengthen life.

Have you wondered why some sixty-year-olds look and feel like forty-year-olds and why some forty-year-olds look and feel like sixty-year-olds? While many factors contribute to aging and illness, Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn discovered a biological indicator called telomerase, the enzyme that replenishes telomeres, which protect our genetic heritage. Dr. Blackburn and Dr. Elissa Epel’s research shows that the length and health of one’s telomeres are a biological underpinning of the long-hypothesized mind-body connection. They and other scientists have found that changes we can make to our daily habits can protect our telomeres and increase our health spans (the number of years we remain healthy, active, and disease-free).

THE TELOMERE EFFECT reveals how Blackburn and Epel’s findings, together with research from colleagues around the world, cumulatively show that sleep quality, exercise, aspects of diet, and even certain chemicals profoundly affect our telomeres, and that chronic stress, negative thoughts, strained relationships, and even the wrong neighborhoods can eat away at them.

Drawing from this scientific body of knowledge, they share lists of foods and suggest amounts and types of exercise that are healthy for our telomeres, mind tricks you can use to protect yourself from stress, and information about how to protect your children against developing shorter telomeres, from pregnancy through adolescence. And they describe how we can improve our health spans at the community level, with neighborhoods characterized by trust, green spaces, and safe streets.

THE TELOMERE EFFECT will make you reassess how you live your life on a day-to-day basis. It is the first book to explain how we age at a cellular level and how we can make simple changes to keep our chromosomes and cells healthy, allowing us to stay disease-free longer and live more vital and meaningful lives.

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Learn about the unique nature of telomeres and telomerase and what you can do to protect them.

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Reader Reviews

  • Lance Odland, Ph.D.

    Toronto, ON

    "I now think in terms of protecting my health span!"

  • Lawrence Cowan, B. S.

    Olympia, WA

    “Telomere health allows for validation of proper health practices. For me the foundation of good mental health practices like meditation, yoga and loving relationships was particularly valuable. This knowledge has given me more confidence to offer help to others. I have become more loving and compassionate of others because of the knowledge.”

  • Cori S.

    Saskatoon, Canada

    “I learned more about biology in a way that inspires me to make daily changes. I now have the full realization that we have some control over our healthspan.”

  • Heather McCausland

    Wasilla, AK

    "It is life changing, mind-blowing."

  • Jake Kuyser

    United Kingdom

    "The more aware we are as individuals about our bodies, the more we are able to change the negative impacts."

  • Virginia McDonald

    99 years old
    Monterey, CA

    "Amazing! Easy to read science you can use every day to improve your health and upgrade your life style. Great job!"

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