The True Story of a Mutt, a Marine, and a Miracle

Age: Nubs keeps his true age a secret. He's about two - three years old though.

Weight: About 30 lbs, but it depends on the day

Favorite Treats: Bow Wow Brownies from the doggie bakery and Strawberry Pop Tarts

Favorite Person: Brian!

Best Four-Legged Friends: Nubs likes to roughhouse with Kublai and chill with Bogey

Favorite Toys: "Red Man," a super hero toy and his now headless green octopus

Favorite Place: Nubs loves to walk on the beach but doesn't like to get his toes wet!

Dislikes: Wood floors! And when Brian is away.

Special Requests: Nubs likes a special kind of massage that involves rubbing his belly—for as long as possible.