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After leaving Hollywood as a successful writer/director/ producer, Sidney Sheldon became involved in writing for television when ABC asked him to create a show for a young actress named Patty Duke. The end result was The Patty Duke Show, for which Sheldon wrote an unprecedented 78 scripts over two years.

Recalls Sheldon, "When I began writing for Patty Duke, it was in the days when there were 39 shows per year, so it was unheard of that just one person would write all the scripts for a specific show. The network hired a backup staff of three writers just in case I got stuck or couldn't come up with a script. In all the time I wrote for that show, they were never used."

Even more surprising is that Sheldon was simultaneously producing and writing most of the scripts for the smash hit I Dream of Jeannie, which meant that he was often turning out two scripts a day. Jeannie ran on NBC for five years, with Sheldon receiving an Emmy nomination in 1967 for Outstanding Writing Achievement in Comedy. Sheldon remembers, "They were always prompting me to come up with wild story ideas like Jeannie meets a Martian. But I felt the reason the show worked so well was that I put an extraordinary lady, a magic genie in a bottle, in everyday situations — that's where the comic situations arose from."

Sheldon also created the extremely popular series, Hart to Hart.


Rage of Angels (NBC 1981)
Starring Jaclyn Smith, Ken Howard & Armand Assante

Master of the Game (CBS 1985)
Starring Dyan Cannon, Harry Hamlin

If Tomorrow Comes (CBS 1987)
Starring Madolyn Smith, Tom Berenger & David Keith

Windmills of the Gods (CBS 1988)
Starring Jaclyn Smith and Robert Wagner, Sheldon - Executive Producer

The Sands of Time (Tribune Ent. 1992)
Starring Deborah Raffin and Michael Nouri

Memories of Midnight (Tribune Ent. 1992)
Starring Jane Seymour and Omar Shariff

A Stranger in the Mirror (ABC 1993)
Aaron Spelling Production starring Perry King

Nothing Lasts Forever (CBS 1995)
Starring Vanessa Williams, Brooke Shields and Gail O'Grady

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