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Sidney Sheldon's switch to novels from screenwriting came about almost by accident. He explains, "I had a story idea that was so introspective that you really had to know what the protagonist was thinking. I decided that the only way to write it was in the narrative form." Despite his fears of venturing into unknown territory, Sheldon wrote THE NAKED FACE, which he sold to William Morrow Company after being turned down by five different publishers. The book was a critical success and earned him an Edgar Award.

THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT, Sheldon's second novel, was a huge hit and firmly established him as a best-selling author. His subsequent works, including A STRANGER IN THE MIRROR, BLOODLINE, RAGE OF ANGELS, MASTER OF THE GAME, IF TOMORROW COMES, WINDMILLS OF THE GODS, THE SANDS OF TIME, MEMORIES OF MIDNIGHT, THE DOOMSDAY CONSPIRACY, THE STARS SHINE DOWN, NOTHING LASTS FOREVER, MORNING, NOON & NIGHT, THE BEST LAID PLANS, and TELL ME YOUR DREAMS have soilidified his position as one of the top best-selling authors alive today. With over 300 million books in print, Sheldon's novels are published in 51 languages in 180 countries worldwide. Read more →

Sheldon's first novel received an Edgar Allan Poe Award from the Mystery Writers of America and was filmed by Cannon Films as a major motion picture starring Roger Moore. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

Marking Sheldon's explosive debut on the bestseller lists, this novel held the then all-time New York Times record of 52 weeks on the charts. Frank Yablans produced a film version starring John Beck, Susan Sarandon and Marie France Pisier. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

Sheldon's third novel was a bestseller in both hardcover and paperback, and was as a two-hour television movie at ABC by Aaron Spelling. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

Also a #1 bestseller, BLOODLINE, a Main Selection of The Literary Guild, was made into a Paramount Pictures film starring Audrey Hepburn, Ben Gazara, Michele Phillips, and Omar Shariff.

Going to #1 on the bestseller lists the week before its official publication date, it stayed at the top for 18 weeks and on the lists for 42 weeks. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

The miniseries rights were sold to NBC-TV, and Sheldon served as executive producer of the two-part adaptation which starred Jaclyn Smith, Armand Assante and Ken Howard. RAGE OF ANGELS was the number one rated show in the Nielsen ratings the week it aired.

Sheldon's sixth novel, a Main Selection of The Literary Guild, shot to the #1 position in its first week of publication, stayed there for 11 weeks and remained on the New York Times list for more than 40 weeks. The publication of the paperback version (with a million first printing) in the summer of 1983 made it a dominant presence on both soft and hardcover lists simultaneously.

The miniseries adaptation was bought by CBS-TV for a record sum in 1985. Starring Dyan Cannon and Harry Hamlin, it was the top-rated program in both its initial showing and its rebroadcast.

A Main Selection of The Literary Guild, number one on the hardcover list for 18 weeks and a decisive paperback smash as well, the CBS miniseries starred Madolyn Smith, Tom Berenger and David Keith.

Advance orders for Sheldon's eighth novel were the heaviest in publisher William Morrow's history. The novel debuted at #1 two days prior to its official release date. The first printing was 750,000 and three additional printings brought the total to almost a million copies in hardcover during its first few months of sales. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

Sheldon served as executive producer of the two-part, four-hour 1988 CBS-TV miniseries, which starred Jaclyn Smith and Robert Wagner and was filmed on location in England, France, Tunisia, Yugoslavia and the United States.

Advance hardcover orders exceeded one million, with the novel debuting on the New York Times bestseller list even before official release date. More than 3 million paperbacks were initially released in the United States in December 1989. Tribune Premiere Network, a division of the Tribune Entertainment Company, produced a television miniseries adaptation starring Deborah Raffin and Michael Nouri. Tribune (1992). A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

A follow-up to Sheldon's first blockbuster hit, THE OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT, his tenth novel had a record first printing for publisher William Morrow of 1.1 million copies and immediately went back for additional printings. Debuting at #3 on the New York Times bestseller list, it hit #1 just one week after its release. Tribune Premiere Network, a division of the Tribune Entertainment Network, produced MEMORIES OF MIDNIGHT as a four-hour miniseries which aired in the fall of 1991. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.

Sheldon's best-selling novel centered around the frenetic world of a big San Francisco hospital, where events catapult three women doctors from life-and-death decisions of the operating room to the tension packed fireworks of a murder trial. CBS Television produced Nothing Lasts Forever as a four-hour mini-series starring Vanessa Williams, Brooke Shields and Gail O'Grady. A Main Selection of The Literary Guild.