Pleading Guilty

Published by Grand Central Publishing, May, 2017
Trade Paperback, 464 pages, ISBN: 9781538727157

Kindle County, where skies are generally gray and the truth is seldom simple, is one of the most renowned and fascinating locales in contemporary American fiction. In PLEADING GUILTY Scott Turow takes us there again, in an edge-of-the-chair story rife with indelible characters and riveting suspense—1993's most unforgettable reading experience.

Our guide is McCormack A. "Mack" Malloy, fiftyish ex-cop, almost ex-drunk, and partner-on-the-wane at Gage & Griswell, one of Kindle County's top-notch law firms, who has been charged by the firm's Oversight Committee with a highly sensitive task. Bert Kamin, G&G's gifted, erratic, impossibly combative star litigator, has been missing for weeks. Also missing is $5.6 million from a fund established to settle a massive air-disaster class-action suit against TransNational Airlines, the world's largest carrier and G&G's biggest client. The Committee needs Mack to find Bert and the money. Immediately.

His search takes us into the inner sanctums of G&G, where Mack's close-to-the-vest partners—among them his good friend and sometime bedmate Emilia "Brushy" Bruccia—jockey and plot. He ventures into the dark heart of the city itself, to the Russian Bath in the far West End, where the mysterious Kam Roberts has left tracks. Before long he runs up against his former beat partner and long-time nemesis, the odious Pigeyes. And a cold corpse.

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Reviews and Praise

Scott Turow's linear forebears are not the manufacturers of assembly-line entertainments but the likes of Theodore Dreiser and James Gould Cozzens.

Washington Post Book World

An uncommonly skilled writer, and an uncommonly eloquent one.

Christian Science Monitor

Scott Turow is about to condemn another summer's worth of beachgoers to addictive page turning… an irresistible tale and a dark, moral thriller.


Mr. Turow's effects hold one enthralled until the last page.

New York Times

Turow's novels are not mere entertainments. They transcend their genre. They are literature that will last… the cadences of Turow's prose as well as the substance of his stories are as urban as the sound of a jazz saxophone at 2 a.m.… Turow's Kindle County is acquiring a reality as a convincing moral landscape comparable to that of Faulkner's Yoknapatawpha County.

George F. Will

"The Last Word," Newsweek

Irresistible… Turow is worthy to be ranked with Dashiell Hammett or Raymond Chandler.

New York Times Book Review