How to Profit from the Coming Rapture

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Pub. Date: November 3, 2008
ISBN-13: 978-031601730-5

Dear End Times Investor, Entrepreneur, and Saver:

WELCOME! You’re here because, like every canny individual, you know that you can’t spell “financial responsibility” without the A, the P, the O, the C, the A, the L, the Y, the P, the S, and the E of “apocalypse.”

You know not only that the Rapture can take place at any moment, but that when it does you’ll most likely not “make the cut,” and be left behind here with the rest of us.

And you know that, while such a fate might be disappointing to some, to others—like us; like you—it offers a series of amazing opportunities for financial gains.

While some might see the rise of the Antichrist as a harbinger of doom and destruction, we see it as a chance to achieve solid returns by shorting his bonds.

While some might view the War of the Second Seal as a bloody nightmare of rampaging foot-soldiers, we see it as a chance to score big by investing in sword, shield, and spiked club manufacturers.

While some might consider it a catastrophe when a star made of wormwood falls from outer space and pollutes all of the Earth’s fresh water sources, we see it as a chance to rack up “tasty” profits by selling shares in a can of mandarin orange segments.

So take a look around.  Peruse this site.  And be sure to bookmark it for future reference.  We’ll be blogging regularly with timely updates about how you can take cool, calculated advantage of breaking events to improve your portfolio even as those around you are losing their heads, feet, or various other appendages.

And remember (as we say in our Rapture Financial Minutes, playable here on the site), “Just Because It’s the End Times Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Make Money.”

All best,
Steve and Evie Levy

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Episode #1
Q: Iím about to buy a home. Should I opt for an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), on the assumption that it will only go up a little, because Jesus will come within seven years and pay it off for me?

A: No. Although the Rapture is imminent, we donít know exactly when it will take place, and you could be facing several rate increases on your ARM before it gets here.

Besides, even when the Tribulation ends and Jesus does arrive, He will not pay off your mortgage. We may not be Christians, but even we know thatís not what He is ďall about.Ē Therefore we suggest getting a fixed-rate mortgage with a monthly payment you know you will be able to afford until the end of the world. But if you havenít yet gotten into the real estate market, stay out. Why sink your cash into a down payment and the upkeep of a house if apocalyptic devastation is around the corner? Keep renting.