"The author writes with astonishing honesty, infusing the intensely interior narrative with powerful imagery and penetrating insights… At turns cautionary and inspirational, Clegg's saga embraces both the weaknesses and strengths of human nature, while only alluding to the possibility of salvation.

A gritty, lyrical and potent portrait of what it really means to be addicted." -Kirkus

"Clegg's spare, nearly minimalist style complements the drama inherent in his material: it's addition through subtraction. At first, his understated approach can seem sketchy, even vague, but the effect is cumulative. By focusing on the struggle through each gray day, Clegg draws the reader into his claustrophobic existence. His distance from both his character and the world short-circuits the addiction memoir tendency toward melodrama. When specific details do seep in—selling his mother's silver, a drug-fueled threesome—the impact is powerful." -Publishers Weekly

Photo of Bill Clegg