"According to Steiner, senior staff reporter at Forbes magazine, surging fuel prices will transform Americans' daily lives almost beyond recognition. With traditional energy sources disappearing and global demand soaring, the U.S. will confront gas prices rocketing to $6, $8, $14 and beyond—prices that will compel sweeping changes in everything from urban planning to food production. He reveals the consequences of each incremental hike in gas prices: at $8 per gallon, air travel will essentially vanish; at $14 a gallon, Wal-Mart stores will become empty 'ghost boxes'; when gas hits $16 a gallon, sushi will become an extravagance only for the extremely wealthy. While many changes will come at tremendous social and economic cost, Steiner envisions a better future, where human ingenuity will spur greater efficiency and less waste. Although it's unlikely all the author's predictions will come true—he goes so far as to forecast the order in which airlines will go out of business—the surprising snapshots of the future (where rising gas prices might revitalize Detroit) make for vivid and compelling reading."

- Publishers Weekly (Starred Review)

"This book makes me look forward to paying $20 a gallon, knowing how our lives will change. Christopher Steiner's counterintuitive assay of the rising cost of gas is intriguing, thoughtful and provocative. It's a compellingly written, detailed look at a very likely scenario, richly reported and finely crafted. Kudos to Steiner for the foresight in showing us what's ahead."

- Marcel Pacatte, former Managing Editor of Discover magazine

"There is absolutely no question that the world is running out of oil and gasoline, and to that end, Chris Steiner has woven together a brilliant and provocative look at what our future will look like -- a future that's coming sooner than we think."

- Stephen Leeb, PhD, bestselling author of The Oil Factor, The Coming Economic Collapse, and Game Over

"$20 a gallon for gasoline! It's not if, but when we will see these levels of seemingly outrageous prices. Steiner brings to life a future with higher energy prices using tangible examples of the issues and solutions. The good news is that this rise in prices may finally drive us to do things that make our lives and the environment much better. This book is definitely worth the $10 or $20 bucks you will pay for a gallon of gas in the future"

- Eric Spiegel, author of Energy Shift

"Steiner's book is a stunning, detailed vision of the world we're about to live in. It's shocking in its grounded examination of the civilization that cheap gas built -- and why it's not going to last."

- Alexis Madrigal, lead writer for Wired.com's 'Wired Science' blog

"Sooner or later we will wake up to the fact that energy is no longer free and that the anomaly of the fossil fuel era -- where the up-front costs for energy were minimal and the real costs are to be inherited by our children -- lured entire societies into a future that had no future. As Chris Steiner shows, the time to wake up is now, not only to prepare for some real changes, but to look around the corner toward the historic opportunities this will present."

- Peter Senge, bestselling author of The Fifth Discipline and The Necessary Revolution

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