NPR: Could $20-Per-Gallon Gasoline Make Us Happier? [with audio]

Fox Business Interview: Author Christopher Steiner on how $20 a gallon for gas will impact the economy and health care. [video] The Brian Lehrer Show: The Upside of Expensive Gas [with audio]

Time: How the Coming Rise in Gas Prices Will Change the World

by Jeninne Lee-St. John

Newsweek: Are you Ready for $20 Per Gallon Gas?

by Nancy Cook $20 a gallon? Comes the cultural revolution

by Rod Dreher Forbes Writer Contemplates $20 Gallon Petrol

by Hugh Bartling

Forbes: The Road To $20 A Gallon

by Christopher Steiner

NBC Chicago: $20 Per Gallon Gas?! Shut Up, It's Good for You

by Matt Bartosik Out of gas but a better future awaits

by Richard Pachter Chris Steiner: Priming For $20/Gallon Gas

by Lara Crigger Priming the Pump for $20/Gal. Gas: Interview with Chris Steiner

by Lara Crigger

Seed Magazine: The Coming Oil-Free Utopia

by Elizabeth Cline Life at $20 a gallon

Chicago Sun Times The End of the Age of Oil: Will It Be a Soft or Hard Landing?

by Anis Shivani

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