Where to buy Martha Doesn’t Say Sorry

There are many things that Martha does, but Martha doesn’t say sorry. When Martha discovers that cookies, piggyback rides, and hugs aren’t for people who won’t apologize, she decides it might be time to reconsider. And soon Martha realizes that apologizing isn’t that bad. It can even be fun. Sometimes.

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Where to buy Martha Doesn’t Share

Martha has a lot to work on when it comes to sharing. And while she doesn’t learn to love it, she does discover that having her toys to herself means having to play with them all by herself, too. Not so fun! Martha learns that sharing isn’t all that bad when you take it one small toy at a time. It gets easier every day. Well, almost every day.

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About the Author

Samantha Berger has always loved children’s books, cartoons, and comics waaay more than saying sorry. And she still does! She grew up (kinda) to write for Nickelodeon and create stories just like this one. Samantha lives in New York City with her fluffy dog, Zeke, who never apologizes (even when he steals meatballs off the table!).

About the Illustrator

Bruce Whatley never had to say sorry when he was little — at least that’s what his Mum says. He still likes to play with crayons and paint. His most favorite thing in the world to paint is people. But they don’t like it when he gets it in their ears! Oops… sorry! Bruce lives in Australia with his wife, Rosie, and their two grown-up children.