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The Cut "Every time I read one of George Pelecanos's novels--and THE CUT might be the best yet--I'm left a little awed, a little envious, and wholly certain that what I've just experienced is the authentic marriage of art to truth. The guy's a national treasure."-Dennis Lehane

"Triple-distilled excellence: first, a truly great new series character; second, a truly great contemporary crime novel; and third, and as always, Pelecanos's status as the undisputed poet laureate of America's most secret city--the three-quarters of Washington DC that tourists never see.  Not just recommended--this is essential reading."-Lee Child

"Pelecanos's excellent first in a new crime series… Both vital and timely, this remarkable novel also connects D.C.'s past and present as only Pelecanos does. Readers will want to see a lot more of Lucas."-Publishers Weekly (Starred Review), also ran in the Washington Examiner

"[Pelecanos is] back in the wheelhouse of his early work, with the first novel in what will be a series about Spero Lucas…Yes, indeed. Familiar and right...for Pelecanos' fans."-Booklist (Starred Review)

"Pelecanos' newest hero walks the mean streets of the Nation's Capital with all the piercing hopes and fears and personal baggage of the others… Another tough, heart-rending odyssey through a war zone in which every denizen has the potential to be both hero and villain."-Kirkus

"Spero Lucas is a terrific character." Marilyn Stasio, New York Times Book Review

"A lean, swift, atmospheric detective novel…free of cliché, condescension or illusion. Spero Lucas is an engagingly layered character." - Wall Street Journal

"This coplike knowledge of the streets gives his novels authenticity…A 'perfect place' also describes where Pelecanos is in his career.  The Cut is getting rave reviews.  His fans are a veritable Who's Who."-Carol Memmott, USA Today

"George Pelecanos's chance expertly to introduce Spero Lucas, an irresistible 29-year-old Marine turned private investigator, at the start of a hot new series."-Janet Maslin, New York Times

"[Lucas is] complicated enough to be interesting, faithful and morally flexible, with hints of emotional troubles linked to his time in Iraq, his deceased father and some estranged siblings. That's what you want in a new hero: This is the first mystery to feature Lucas, and he's got plenty of room to grow, if Pelecanos, one of our best contemporary mystery writers, should have a Spero Lucas series up his sleeve …For all the winningness of Spero Lucas - his modesty, postwar impatience, love for his family, devoted reading, easy banter, good taste in restaurants, gestures of kindness - it's this forward drive that makes him interesting, that makes him an excellent candidate for a mystery series…Pelecanos has excelled at character and plot…The characters and the Washington of The Cut are complicated and interesting."-Carolyn Kellogg, Los Angeles Times

"Washington is a decidedly, irrevocably multi-racial city, and in all his novels Pelecanos has always portrayed this aspect of it with remarkable sensitivity and lack of sentimentality…He maintains a remarkably high level of intelligence and style…Much of the best fiction now being published in this country is by people who are pigeonholed (and dismissed) as "genre writers." Among them are Dennis Lehane, Michael Connelly, Laura Lippman, Elmore Leonard, Carl Hiaasen, John Grisham . . . and George Pelecanos…[Pelecanos's] novels have more to tell us about the real world in which we actually live than almost all the soft-boiled "fictions" produced these days by our ostensibly "literary" writers…A book that entertains can also enrich, instruct and even enlighten. George Pelecanos's books do all of that, which is plenty good enough for me."-Jonathan Yardley, The Washington Post

"George Pelecanos is one of a current handful of true masters of American noir."-Sherryl Connelly, Daily News

"Pelecanos writes meticulously layered, slow-boil crime novels about the real Washington, D.C., and his gripping latest, The Cut, launches a new series around a new hero."- GQ

"Spero seems sure to win readers over with his combination of confusion and confidence…With this novel, Pelecanos delves into the plight of so many veterans coming home from years of war with a muddled sense of what's next."-Erik Spanberg, The Christian Science Monitor

"The gifted Pelecanos kicks off a new series…[he] is both easy to read and challenging. His prose is exhilarating - lean, spare and mean. Grade: A."-Les Roberts, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Listening to Pelecanos' voice is like sitting in the next booth and overhearing some locals work their way through a few beers and tales of their wild lives.  Soak it up."-Randy Michael Signor, Chicago Sun-Times

"Fans new and old will celebrate George Pelecanos' return to the ring with his latest novel, The Cut Pelecanos has perhaps the best ear in the business for contemporary street lingo, and he passes it on to the reader without editorial commentary. His writing is masterful, and The Cut deserves a place among his best work, which, as his legions of readers well know, is high praise indeed."-Bruce Tierney, BookPage

 "Pelecanos has been hailed for the literary qualities of his thrillers."  --Catherine Mallette, Dallas Star Telegram

"Pelecanos seems a particularly valuable writer for our country to have at this moment…[He] is the type of writer American fiction and American life needs when many of us feel hopeless to prevent the political, cultural, and racial segregation that rules our national life right now.  Better than almost any current writer, Pelecanos has shown what city dwellers have known for years: that it is urban neighborhoods, and not suburbs, where what we think of as the small-town values of community and knowing your neighbors have taken root."-Charles Taylor, The Boston Phoenix

 "When Pelecanos is at his best - as he is here - the action hurtles along, marked by 'good, clean writing,'…while sharply delineated characters are thrust into life-threatening situations…All the societal changes afoot give the author fresh context to explore racial issues that he depicts with empathy and intelligence…There is some mystery involved, but like all of Pelecanos' novels, The Cut isn't so much a whodunit as a where-, what-, why- and howdunit.  There's plenty of heft, but the book crackles with energy as it follows its sometimes hotheaded protagonist…The Cut is hard to put down, and it sticks with you when you do."-Dan DeLuca, The Philadelphia Inquirer

"His crime-writing peers call Pelecanos the 'undisputed poet' of Washington's gritty side…While Pelecanos made his bones in the noir tradition, there's a definite 'Western' feel to The Cut… It's peppered with pitch-perfect dialogue and captures the sights, sounds and taste of Washington in rich detail. In short, Pelecanos reads like the real deal…Pelecanos knows a thing or two about capturing the authenticity of urban America with an ethnically and socially diverse cast."-Christian DuChateau, CNN

"Tight and propulsive new novel…As in Pelecanos's best work, Spero's travels are as much about D.C.'s ecosystem of class and race as they are about gunplay and justice…Since 2008's The Turnaround, Pelecanos has been streamlining his sentences, making them as simple as possible without losing their ability to carry moral freight. The Cut is the most effective result of that effort -- the story moves fast, but never with the sense that it's being sped through, or that Pelecanos hasn't considered his words carefully…Spero's status as an ex-Marine who's toured Iraq is the most promising aspect of his character. In breaks from the action, when Spero confides with fellow soldiers, the reader gets a chance to spy on a life that veterans can't make wholly public. Pelecanos has long been determined to spotlight the District's unsung citizens. In the ever-growing number of warriors returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, he's found a neglected community that can sustain him as a novelist for years to come."-Mark Athitakis, Barnes & Noble Review

"D.C. is as brilliantly drawn as the characters…Pelecanos doesn't win raves just for his fiction."-Parade, Pick of the Week

"[Pelecanos's] writing has a fine rhythm, particularly when the novelist is taking readers on guided tours inside the Beltway."-Steve Dubin, The Oregonian

"A great new character."-Steve Bennett, San Antonio Express-News

"There are hard-hitting writers, like Dennis Lehane and Richard Price, and there are ambitious, prolific and timeless writers like Robert B. Parker and Lawrence Block. The best of those two worlds merge in American classic George Pelecanos, who has cauterized the wounds of this country in 16 books about cops, crime, race and home-grown wars. He's equally well known for his intensive work-for-hire on the HBO series The Wire,The Pacific and most recently Treme. Readers will be overjoyed to delve into his new series, starting with The Cut, about a mercenary P.I. in Pelecanos' home turf of Washington, D.C….Great dialogue, propulsive plots."-Clayton Moore, Kirkus Reviews

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