Nick's Trip

Nick's TripNick Stefanos has given up his job in sales to tend bar at the Spot, where drinks and women are both a bit too easily available, and the routine is starting to feel as dead-end as his last gig. But things are about to change. First, his high-school friend Billy Goodrich asks him to find his wife April, who he says left him for small-time crime boss Joey DiGeordano. In fact, April has taken off with hog farmer/bondage freak Tommy Crane and, it turns out, with $200,000 of DiGeordano family money. There are powerful enemies on her trail -- and now on Nick's trail, too.


"The kind of book you are always hoping to find but rarely do"
—James Sallis

"Here is your first turn-of-the-century crime writer"
—Charlie Gillett

"Snaps with authentic street talk and with a switch-hitting plot...has something important to say about trust and treachery"
Washington Post


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