BURNT MOUNTAIN by Anne Rivers Siddons

Praise for Burnt Mountain

“Siddons mixes in a touch of the supernatural to bring the novel to an exciting climax, but what's most appealing here is the layered family drama and the lush world Thayer inhabits…A master storyteller with a remarkable track record, bestselling Siddons returns to her signature Southern setting in her newest blend of emotional realism and a sliver of magic.”— Booklist

“Siddons is at her usual incisive best at skewering the mores of socially pretentious Southerners, and her prose is limpid and mesmerizing.” — Kirkus

Praise for Off Season

“Anne Rivers Siddons’s body of work is one of the most impressive in contemporary fiction. And, in her beautifully crafted and dazzling new novel Off Season, Ms. Siddons delivers the goods more powerfully than ever. All her books are terrific, but this one is the best yet.”— Pat Conroy

“I've always enjoyed Anne Rivers Siddons's books, but this is her best, maybe the book she was born to write. It's a double love story, narrated by a woman who has loved both early and late. The story of Lilly and Jon is one of the best stories of adolescent love--its fierceness and sweetness--that I've ever read. There's also a beautifully drawn picture of Maine dressed in her summer finery...and a few ghosts. Summer is maybe the best time to read this book; if you've ever vacationed on the Maine coast (or ever wanted to), this book isn't just the next best thing, it's the real thing. Bravura storytelling.” — Stephen King

and Anne Rivers Siddons

“One doesn’t read Anne Rivers Siddons’s books, one dwells in them.” —Chicago Tribune

“Anne Rivers Siddons establishes herself in the front ranks of Southern writers.” —Los Angeles Times Book Review

“Like Faulkner and Conroy, the author calmly manipulates the reader, unfurling familial horrors with just the right degree of psychic tension.”
—Miami Herald

“Siddons’s way of delving into a character’s psyche is deeply satisfying.” —Denver Post